Human Capital Cloud Platform

OKN® is the cloud-based technology platform that lets you manage and deploy your most strategic human recourses processes in a single system. The ideal solution for managing training, talent, development and performance of your staff, aligning the strategy, culture, processes and results of your company in a single channel.

Three possible configurations on a single platform

Select the feature that best meets the needs and size of your company.


Your own tailored virtual platform for comprehensively managing your training: online, classroom, blended, subsidised and social or informal, with all the profiles and processes, regardless of your size.

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What is not measured cannot be improved. For this reason, we bring the most sophisticated tools within reach to assess performance, propose and measure goals, and train at work.

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The union between Training and Performance in a single and comprehensive solution for maximising the development of your company's personnel in the simplest, most effective and efficient manner ever.

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Full management of all your training processes. With no complications.

All the necessary processes
You decide which ones, when and how to run them.

The deployment of any training strategy, small or large, always involves various related processes. With OKN you can decide which ones to use at any given moment on the basis of already proven standards or by tailoring the processes to your tastes, always with maximum effectiveness.

All necessary processes: Detection, design, planning, management, delivery, monitoring, evaluation.
Student: requesting, exploring and learning. Professor: teaching, invigorating and evaluating. Observer: monitoring, helping and certifying. Supervisor: supervising, proposing and facilitating. Provider: creating, testing and distributing. Manager: organising, calling and measuring. Administrator: deciding, leading and delegating.

All the involved roles
You set the limits, they bring the added value.

People and their skills are essential for ensuring the success of your training processes. You can organise your teams in the most appropriate way for each case and equip them with the tools for maximising their work. Discover how to manage thousands of users easily!

All modalities and methods
All the possible combinations can be deployed in only seconds.

It does not matter whether your target public is distributed throughout the corners of the globe or not, if their digital resources are limited or if the structure and duration of your content is relatively large or small. You can manage it all.

Classroom, Online, Blended, Formal, Informal, Schools / Universities, Masters, Itineraries / Programmes, Courses
Presentation video Pre-work test  Classroom Session SCORM 1.2 Course Classroom exam  Work submission Social Video SCORM 2004 Course Assessment questionnaire Groupwork Post-work test

Itineraries and activities for all tastes
Enrich and guide training easily and visually.

If every need requires a solution, why should I always settle for the same thing? Our itineraries and activities let you bring variety and control to the flow of the contents that you need at any given moment.


Propose goals, assess and evaluate your employees and collaborators, and execute action plans.

Performance is the OKN configuration that will improve your measurement and assessment processes. A configuration that will help you in goal, skill, values and knowledge assignment, tracking and assessment processes. A cloud-based software that will help you increase the productivity and performance of your organisation's staff. OKN provides you with different tools for managing each and every process.

Performance Assessment
Tú decides cuáles, cuándo y cómo ejecutarlos.

  • Measure your organisation's degree of development easily with a simple-to-configure plug-in for use by assessor and assessee.
  • Create questionnaires with different items to evaluate: Skills, Values, Knowledge, etc.
  • Help standardise assessment criteria for assessors.
  • Simplify your assessment processes and administrative workload.
  • Identify strong points and areas for improvement, and establish action plans.
  • Brief your management on the status of the managed team graphically.
screenshot of Performance
screenshot of Goal-based Assessment

Goal-based Assessment
Tú decides cuáles, cuándo y cómo ejecutarlos.

  • Convert the goal-based assessment process into a true work tool within your organisation and not only a mere bureaucratic process.
  • Assist participants in each process stage: Establishment, tracking and assessment of goals.
  • Align all of them in cascade with the strategic goals for your entire organisation, associating departmental and personal goals with corporate goals.
  • Involve managers, enabling them to create their own goals and ones for their teams.
  • Convert the process into a real work tool for management and collaborators when creating a flexible tracking process that is aligned with corporate processes.
  • Provide your organisation's top management with the analysis of your team.
screenshot of Workstation Training

Workstation Training

How many times have you thought about how to measure the transfer of the courses held at your organisation to the workstation? With OKN Workstation Training activity, you can measure the degree of application and transfer to the workstation of the knowledge acquired during training and learning of any group in your company. This activity can nevertheless do much more. Can you imagine having an easy-to-configure tool that helps you and your managers observe, assess and establish specific actions plans for their teams at their own workstations?

screenshot of e-Assessment


With e-assessment , you can measure the depth of knowledge that your entire organisation, single business unit or department has on any matter, content, product or service of your company in a very graphical and simple manner.


All Training and Development features working together for you.

Identify key skills, ascertain gaps in your organisation and create ad-hoc training and development processes. OKN helps you close the circle.

Could you imagine being able to fully integrate your performance model and goals with your training plan?. Talent is OKN's configuration that joins all the power of the OKN Learning configuration with the precision of OKN Performance, the most comprehensive configuration that will let you:

  • Detect training needs precisely.
  • Assign training programmes to strategic groups in your company.
  • Have a real gauge of the impact of the training on the performance of your work teams.
  • Assist management in defining action plans for their teams when ascertaining the different development actions available in the company.
All Training and Development features working together for you


All the facilities for converting any management into child's play.



Design, create, deploy, invigorate, monitor and gauge all training processes autonomously with no dependencies.



Design, create, deploy, invigorate, monitor and gauge all training processes autonomously with no dependencies.

User experience

User experience

Harness the full potential of a platform designed and developed with the same modern standards of usability and architecture used inTraining.


Many OKNs in one, regardless of your structure. Today and tomorrow.

Define and adapt your corporative structure

Define and adapt your corporative structure

Countries, Businesses, Departments, Units, Companies, Offices, Workstations, Skills, Processes, Roles.

Segment into specific multiple environments

Segment into specific multiple environments

Schools, Internal/External, Collaborators, Channels, Subcontractors, Subsidiaries.

Create groups and audiences for your processes

Create groups and audiences for your processes

Marketing, High Potential, Hires, Veterans, Experts, Tutors, Directors.


Features and tools to render the experience more humane.

Encourage informal and collaborative learning
Foster interaction and participation


No limitations. Regardless of your plan. From the outset and forever.

screenshots Library screenshots Communication screenshots Communities screenshots gamificacion screenshots home screenshots Profile screenshots Reports & BI


All news, most urgent activities and most relevant accesses in a single click. Always under control.


Keep the inTraining centralised for your users, their progress, log and curriculum completely.


The best way to share knowledge and experiences, identify experts and enrich personal development.


Uncomplicated, transverse and comprehensive document and multimedia management with the intelligence that you always dreamed of.


The world of training and developing great professionals is not feasible without clear and immediate communication.


Control all expenses and investments in detail. You define where and how, and OKN works for you.

Reports & BI

Extract any type of detailed or executive inTraining, schedule regular reporting by e-mail, view scorecards in real time and much more.


Our cases of success demonstrate that proficiency among users stimulates their motivation and development. Go ahead and take the next step!

At your service

The added value that pertains to our technology and makes it the perfect solution.

Consulting and Training

Consultants specialised in each of the fundamental Human Capital areas to help you define, adapt, personalise and configure the platform whenever and however you need so you can keep your team properly trained.

Implementation and deployment

Implementation Project Management: coordination of internal teams and clients from the very outset until putting into production. Expertise and management tools that favour implementation in record time.

Technical Office

Specialists in managing the different HR processes in your OKN® for easily externalising any type of task, together with our management tools that provide you with full visibility of the status of your projects.

ISO 20.000 Certification

All our services are certified annually under this internationally recognised standard in IT management services. From the processes of provision, control and delivery through financial management, passing through incident and issue resolution or supply relationships.


Being left behind is not an option, but not at any price.

Software as a Service
The best Cloud infrastructure
Maximum security


Take care of the essential and forget the rest. We will handle maintenance, deployments, bandwidths concurrence and security. Easy and reliable,... that's SaaS.

Cutting edge technology

It is not because of our design and user experience, nor because of over 10 million lines of code created from scratch. It is not because of our awarded Cloud infrastructure or because we provide uninterrupted service in over 35 countries. We are cutting edge because for us there is no other way to do things.

ISO 27.001

All our systems and development processes pass this stringent IT security certification every year, in addition to successfully passing the client-proposed audits and controls.


Compatible with your standard applications or proprietary developments.

We are aware of how vital it is for all your systems to be integrated and running like clockwork. We thus provide you with all the mechanisms possible for integrating and communicating between your current tools and OKN, regardless of their location, programming language, data model or security measures. We also have our own integration APP and modern Web Services for automating inTraining transfers, even in real time, with neither delays nor likelihood of human error.


Conoce por qué las mejores empresas nos eligen.

We bet on OKN® as training management software to cover the development strategy of our employees. OKN® allows us to create new and innovative actions in an autonomous and easier way.

Juan Tinoco LG Director of Human Resources

OKN ha sido capaz de adaptarse sin esfuerzo a la estructura y las características de nuestra compañía. Gracias a su sofisticado sistema de dominios, audiencias y grupos somos capaces de segmentar nuestros procesos con una gran exactitud sin perder nunca el control.

Responsable de Gestión del Talento de empresa del sector sanitario.

OKN supera nuestras expectativas como software de gestión de formación, permitiéndonos crear nuevas e innovadoras acciones cada vez más fácilmente. Gracias a sus automatismos de convocatoria, y dinamizaciones, hemos triplicado el índice de superación de cursos. La satisfacción de nuestros usuarios también se ha visto incrementada.

Responsable de Formación de multinacional de gran consumo.

Con OKN soy completamente autónomo para realizar procesos para los que, antes, dependía de muchos departamentos y personas, incluso de proveedores externos. Desde gestionar las altas y las bajas de los empleados, hasta diseñar nuevos procesos, lanzar comunicaciones masivas o extraer cuadros de mando automatizados.

Coordinador de Talento de multinacional del sector automovilístico.

"Salón Capital Humano Internacional 2013" Award (Mexico) to OKN as the Best Platform of the Year

"Expoelearning 2013" Award (Spain) to OKN as the Best Platform of the Year.

Get to Know us

Technology, persons, experience, innovation, development, professionals, service: trust.

We are a Spanish company with a broad international scope and specialise in developing Human Resource Software.

Beginning from the premise that there is no software that provides an efficient response to the different HR management needs in organisations, we began some years ago to develop OKN®

Given the size and scope that the various projects began to assume, OKN® was established as an independent enterprise pertaining to the Bizpills® Group in 2010. Bizpills® exclusively markets OKN® in Spain and there also is an international network of distributors and partners.


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